About Manila

Manila is considered to be one of the busiest juvenile capitals of the Philippines. It has disheveled exterior and unsystematic surroundings, but under that coarse facade you will find a city that is rich in history and culture. With a population of 1,780,148 million people, home to the most hospitable and friendliest public, Manila is quite possibly the most diverse metropolis.

Every great experience in Manila is started off by taking a ride in our very popular mode of transportation, the Jeepney. A lot of visitor's consider this a challenge; locals call it the most convenient way around town since it can hold around 20 people. Riding a Jeepney can be a great adventure, after you have squeezed your way into your seat, sit shoulder to shoulder as you cruise your way through Manila's streets. Visit one of the historical landmarks built in the late 1500's by the Spaniards as a fort of Rajah Soliman, now most commonly known as the Intramuros. With a medieval setting, hire a tour guide that will be glad narrate the memoirs of the historical place.

Travel on foot along Roxas Boulevard where you can also sight momentous landmarks and watch one of the best sunsets in Manila Bay. Rizal Park also known as the Luneta Park is in close proximity where the famous shrine of our National Hero Jose P. Rizal stands. It has been a goto place when it comes to family gatherings, kite flying, picnics, and other fun activities that can be shared out in the wide open space of the park. Eat your way in the renowned China Town in Binondo, which is said to be the oldest Chinese settlement in the world, being established in the late 16th century. Offering wide variety of Cantonese and Fujian delicacies, vendors from left and right offer goods and other street finds that will surely satisfy more than your taste buds.

It is said that to appreciate things you must always take a second look as you may not have seen it all yet. Manila is an incredible place to be day and night, where you can step out of your comfort zone and explore parts of the city where adventure awaits you.