About Coron

You really haven't seen it all in the Philippines if you haven't been to Coron. An island just off the coast of Palawan, a must visit site for a very good reason. Coron is not a huge town and everything is accessible on foot, from lakes, hills, and hot springs to coral gardens, beaches, and shipwreck sites for diving, there is so much to catch sight of when in Coron that you will have a hard time which attraction to see first and what to do during your stay.

It is not difficult to go around town so firstly, it is always suggested that you start your journey by visiting the enormous and enthralling special type of landscape that is formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks, including limestone and dolomite just bursting majestically on top of the crystal blue waters that will leave you out of breath. Concealed among these precipices are inexplicable lakes but only two are open for visitors, Barracuda and Kayangan Lake. Lounge by the beach at Dimakya Island a 700 meter of beautiful powdery white sand beach and sparkling crisp waters serving as a haven for green sea turtles, sea cows, white-bellied sea eagles, night herons, and over 70 more exotic animals in flourishing shrubbery.

September 24, 1944 the US Navy strike fighters and bombers attacked the Japanese vessels docked in around Busuanga Island and Coron Bay, leaving a number of sinking ship engulf in flames. Today, these wrecks have been adopted by the seas vegetation and its living things which make it a great spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. You may also try visiting other astonishing coral gardens for snorkeling activities like Twin Peek Reef, Marile Coral Garden, Declave and Bogor Marine Park, and the most famous is the Siete Pecados just two kilometers away from the town proper of Coron. Challenge yourself by climbing Mt. Tapyas that will test your stamina being 210 meters above sea level requiring you to treck 718 steps until you reach the summit that has the most amazing panoramic view of the sunset and islets close by which will make the huffing and puffing all worth it once you're at the top. And of course a mandatory trip to the souvenir shops for a memorabilia or pasalubong is non-negotiable. Head on to The Souvenir Shop where all the souvenir nitty-gritty every visitor need like, key chains, ref magnets, tapestries, woodcarvings, shirts, mugs, and a lot more trinkets that you can take home with you. For edible homecoming gifts go to L. Escarda's Coron Harvest located in Barangay Tagumpay for freshly roasted, sweetened, fried, and dried cashew nuts being generously harvested in the Palawan Region.