About Baguio City

The City of Baguio is regarded as one of the highly developed city in northern Luzon, now also known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The city was considered part of Benguet during the late 1900's but has since mandated to be independent from the province during 1917 and converted itself into an established city. The city later on has become the epicenter of innovation, business, and education being home to a population of 345, 366. Before it came the striving city that it is today, Baguio was first considered by the Americans in the early 1900's as a hill station in Kafagway in Ibaloi Village during Spanish-American War. It was the very first and only hill station used and built by the Americans in Asia. The name of the city originated from the Ibaloi word "bagiw" which means "moss". This is due to the city's altitude being 5,050 feet above sea level making it a great location to grow tropical pine trees and other mossy plants and almost every kind of flower.

Baguio is offering more than its cold weather to any visitor that comes its way. The first stop for some is Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral or more famously known as Baguio Cathedral resplendent rose-colored church located on top of a hill right smack in the middle of Session Road. Just a stone's throw away is the equally famous Burnham Park that offers a lot of activities for families and group of friends passing time by riding a boat across the manmade lake in the middle of the park, different type of bicycles are for rent where you can stroll around the park with, or try different gastronomic offers prepared by the locals. Make your way to MinesView Park for pasalubong, where you go down a winding stone-covered stairway which is just close to the parking area. There are a few benches at the ridge where you can sit down to rest and enjoy the wonderful view. You can even rent a binocular or take a picture with its resident furry friends for only a few pesos. At the entrance of the park, there are stalls selling native handicrafts such as wood sculptures, silver products made by locals and jewelry, baskets, brooms, sweaters, blankets, and a variety of other items, plus Good Shepherd is just a few minute walk from the park where you can buy Baguio's best selling ube jam and peanut brittle.

Before you round up your trip, make sure you try their equally famous Strawberry taho while you wave adieu to the City of Pines.